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Here’s what some of our Boston, MA customers are saying about us:

Great service

Jinan AliEll-Bern Service & Tire Customer Review

As an independent shop, the Ell-Bern team is helmed by Haydar Ali. He is extremely knowledgeable, well-trained, and personable, and works hard to make sure his team takes care of their customers.

In contrast with other larger shops that can feel like a shopping mall department store experience, Haydar and his team work to put a personal touch to their service. It's worth it to become a regular, because they work hard to go the extra mile to take care of you. Today I brought in my car for an oil change, and as I was leaving I mentioned I knew I would have to bring it in for a fuller check-up soon. He told me they had just done it, everything had checked out okay with the fluids etc, and then proceeded to replace two of the brake lights at no additional charge.

If you want to support independent business owners with a commitment to excellence, Ell-Bern is the place for you.

Josiah SealeGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Diedrik VermeulenGoogle Review

Got a quick car inspection here and didn't need to wait too long to get it inspected. They take cash only for the inspections but there's a nearby ATM. The guy that did my inspection was polite and professional.

Stephanie MarkerGoogle Review

Excellent, polite and speedy service. Excellent replacement and inspection.

Nicholas GonzalezGoogle Review

Highly recommend Ell-Bern service station. I came for for an expired inspection sticker....unknowingly with an expired registration they helped me renew it online. MO yes MO was all smiles SUPER CALM he is an absolute gem of a person. I will come here always for everything from gas to repairs!!!! In a world where everyone is so stressed and angry what an unexpected surprise

Marisa MarinoGoogle Review

Wow I can’t stress how amazing these guys are, from service to reliability and customer service. I will never go anywhere else!!!!! My go to spot for all my car needs !!!!

Awara OsmanGoogle Review

4 Stars!

Mehdi GhasemiGoogle Review

Haydar Ali is by far one of the best mechanics I’ve had work on my car. I drive a BMW 535 and have always been selective about who works it. Since I started bringing it here for maintenance, from tires and brakes to everything, I’ve been nothing short of completely satisfied. Don’t think twice about bringing your car to Haydar.

Travis BarfieldGoogle Review

Awesome, Friendly & Fast Inspection! Can't wait to go back and get my spring tune-up this week (yes Spring! haha)

Richard PetersGoogle Review

Quick repair on my tire took a little while which could be because they are small.

Fisher MandaGoogle Review

These guys did a great job on Saturday for me. A little bit of a wait but actual inspection took 10 minutes. If you live in the south end, could not be more convenient.

Alexandra CurtissGoogle Review

Excellent, polite and speedy service: tire replacement and inspection.

Jane JGoogle Review

Always get treated well.

Kit WillGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Rubaina ZamanGoogle Review

Very nice employees, quick & honest service. Got to watch the whole process & learn about my car. Will definitely be back.

Meryl AlbertGoogle Review

The guys are very helpful, friendly, and professional and the prices are reasonable. I will return for other work on my car when it needs it.

Margee LyonGoogle Review

I brought my car in for a new tire. Steve provided quick, friendly and efficient service -- which is what I always experience at Ell-Bern Service. Thank you!

Bob B.Ell-Bern Service & Tire Customer Review

These guys are awesome! I had a hole in my muffler. They were super friendly and honest with what needed to be fixed. Fixed same day!

Tyler BrownEll-Bern Service & Tire Customer Review

5 Stars!

Mohammed MahmoodGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Nick BenzGoogle Review

Great service, friendly staff and affordable prices!

Wed AliGoogle Review

I brought my car into Ell Bern to have the brakes looked at, and get some new tires mounted. Being the indecisive person that I am, I changed my mind on the tires I wanted after the order was already made. The owner of the shop allowed me to change my order and return the original tires at no cost. My brakes and rotors were changed out, and they felt better than they did the day I purchased my car 3 years ago. Everything was done in a timely manner, and everything is done with quality products (which is important to me). I would highly recommend doing business here, especially if you care about your vehicle.

Ross RealeGoogle Review

The best place to get your car serviced and maintain...awesome people great service...

Richie SimmsGoogle Review

Super nice guys here--I came in for an inspection before work and they were nice, thoughtful, competent, and advised me well. I just bought a car this weekend so needed an inspection sticker. I failed because one of the break lights was out. The guy walked me through it, told me to go back to the dealer to have it fixed, and was really nice. Said he'd redo the inspection for free after they fixed it! I'd definitely go back. FYI, it's cash only for inspections.

Kaitlin MGoogle Review

This is where I go for every year for my MA Vehicle Inspection, in and out in 10 minutes.

Brooks PayneGoogle Review

A few weeks ago I had a tire blow out in Boston. I bought 4 tires at Ell Bern Tire Center on Tremont Street. This Monday, my dealership told me the tires didn't meet the Volvo load rating (?) and I didn't pass inspection. Today I returned to Ell Bern and the owner replaced the tires at no cost. Thank you Ali!

If you are one of my Boston friends, please support this local and ethical business.

Joanne GoguenGoogle Review

Very good service very respectful and very honest

Zeydoun AliGoogle Review

Very nice staff, speedy inspection. Would be 5 stars if they took credit card for inspections.

Patrick GdovicGoogle Review

5 Stars!

vyacheslav smolyakovGoogle Review

Very honest and clean service. Prices were fair and quailty of work was professional.

Ur AttireGoogle Review

There is a nice waiting room that has AC, water, and a restroom.

Juan ClarkGoogle Review

5 Stars!

聂修权Google Review

Fast and Great!

Weitao TanGoogle Review

The best place in town for tires and service. The crew are awesome and friendly and get the job done quick and correct. Absolutely love this place

george antounGoogle Review

Great service, reasonable prices. Went in for an inspection and found my LED tail light was bad. I was pleasantly surprised to have a replacement quoted immediately and was able to leave my vehicle to be repaired as soon as the part arrived. Back on the road in 24 hours. I will definitely go back!

John WGoogle Review

Brought in for inspection sticker. Did the job fast.

Brandon ChristensenGoogle Review

Friendly service, maybe over charging a little.

Mike EpsteinGoogle Review

Have mildly modified Supra that has been having on and off issues. Haydar was able to track down them and get it back up and running. Even got me in for some last minute repair work recently. No one better!!

Brandon GiGoogle Review

Getting an inspection was never faster! Wish every place was like this. Not sure about auto repair work but will give it a try when I need it. Location seems pretty well kept.

Sam SansonGoogle Review

They were quick, but thorough and honest. I would definitely recommend them. Satisfied customer here.

Jason ForteGoogle Review

Great first experience at Ell-Bern. Got my car inspected & an oil change. Should be straightforward, and it was. No complaints

David MorrelGoogle Review

Great experience. I highly recommend, especially for a German car. Years of wasting money at the dealer and other Euro mechanics made me pretty cynical, so I was really taken aback by my experience at Ell Bern. They really go out of their way to make the customer happy. Other shops should take note.
Haydar is a real pro, and I'd trust him with any vehicle I own. If you're a car fanatic, this is your guy.

Nicholas MattiaGoogle Review

SUV towed to them Fri. afternoon - my son's college room loaded inside ready to come home. Ali and Steve looked at the car, order needed part and had me on the road early next day. They could have A) not had time for me B) charged me anything but they understood what I needed and fixed the car at a reasonable price.
Well Done Gentlemen, Well Done

Mike BakerGoogle Review

Great service

Alex WischGoogle Review

Haydar Ali was a massive help, great service and definitely would recommend to friends, gotta give a good review on Google too

Kulan KhaliGoogle Review

What an honest, down-to-earth, great guy Steve is! I brought my car in for inspection, and Steve took the time to show me and explain to me exactly what the likely problem was that led to my car's failure to pass. No sales pitch, no spin, just a really trustworthy, straightforward guy. So refreshing! I'm glad I took my car here - they are honest and efficient, were able to fix my car quickly, and charged me far less than it would have cost at the dealer's, or any other place I've taken my car to in the past.

Helen FremontGoogle Review

Stopped here while in Boston because my exhaust pipe was hanging too low. We're from Vermont on vacation so we were kind of under pressure to find somebody quick. Gary was nice and helpful. He explained everything to me and didn't seem in a rush when I asked a lot of questions. He noticed something else wrong that needed fixing, but he wasn't pushy about saying it needed to be done. He seemed very trustworthy. I also noticed as we were leaving another customer came in with her car and she greeted him by name, so they must have some loyal customers.

Payed more than I had hoped to going (had to replace the whole exhaust, it was rusted out), but that's normal for car repairs, haha. I trust the guy and believe he gave me an honest deal.

David DabneyGoogle Review

Quick and reliable service. Tire had a leak and was plugged in 15 minutes.

A Google UserGoogle Review

Great guys...great service. If I lived in Boston they would be my mechanics.

A Google UserGoogle Review

After running over a tire and I ordered a new one online (since Town Fair Tire was going to charge double for the tire). Ell-Bern was down the street from me. They removed my old tire and installed the new one. I was in an out in about 20 something minutes for $35 (cash only, but atm on premises). They were very friendly, upfront, and very quick. Highly recommend to South Enders!

Chris ChieraGoogle Review

Tire patch in 3 minutes for $20. cheap for a downtown location.

Ben DurrellGoogle Review

Was in Boston from out of town and ended up with a flat tire. I knew that I needed new rear tires but was trying to get by for a little longer before getting the flat in Boston. Moving my son to BU and EVERYTHING in the car. Needed this fixed or replaced ASAP. Called at 7:05am as soon as they opened and explained my situation. They told me to get it in at 7:30-7:45 and they would get it done immediately. Very curteous and fast service. Brought me out to the garage to also show me the wear on the tire (which I had already been shown, locally). I ended up choosing to replace both back tires because I had already shopped tire prices back where I lived and knew that I was getting a very fair deal. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Being from out of town, I was relying on reviews to choose a place. I chose them for their great reviews and was not disappointed.

A Google UserGoogle Review

Always fast, reliable and they give you OPTIONS, i had break light issues and instead of making me buy a part that was expensive they re-wired my break lights and saved me hundreds of dollars....its hard to find good mechanics these days and these guys are good.

A Google UserGoogle Review

Don't believe any bad reviews about this place. I went there with a flat tire that needed to be changed the day of because I had an important class to get to the same night. The tires I had to replace were very expensive around 275 each, but they were excellent at educating me on the different types of tires available and ended up saving me almost 160 dollars. And they were able to rush order my tire to the shop that day and have it ready for me to use. Great Service, Fair and kind people at Ell Bern. Will definetely go back for all my car servicing.

A Google UserGoogle Review

I went there to get a new brakes on 2013 automobile , they explained to me the work to be on my automobile . The work was done at the time they told me it would be completed and no upsell on the quoted repair price. I will return because they were professional in all aspects of my transaction in explaining everything to me . I have found a great new place for my auto repairs.

Peter P.Yelp Review

I've been going to Ell-Bern for years for all of my car issues: maintenance, flat tires, inspection stickers, etc. These guys have consistently proven themselves to be honest, efficient, and really pleasant to work with.

Gary explains things patiently and thoroughly and I leave feeling like I have a good understanding of the problem issues and the work that was done. Great customer service with really reasonable estimates and no surprises.

I've always been really happy with their prices and they go out of their way to make sure you're getting good value and are happy with their services.

It's great to have a mechanic in the South End that I can trust. Highly recommend.

Jennifer E.Yelp Review

I just stopped here for an inspection (last possible day for me to get it done of course) and they did it right on the spot - I was probably in there for less than ten minutes. The guys weren't super friendly but I didn't really give too much of a shit. Side note: It cost me $35.

Rose D.Yelp Review

They've helped keep my 1997 Rav4 alive for years. Replaced a radiator and fixed the AC for $500 less than the dealer quoted for the AC alone. I'll keep going back as long as I live in the South End.

Beverly M.Yelp Review

I have had two positive experiences at this place.

Disclaimer I have no car knowledge.

The first time I took my car there, it had a rattle that they fixed for under a hundred bucks.

The second time I had an unidentified scary loud car noise. They checked it out and did not gouge me with unnecessary work, telling me to return if it came back. No charge.

They're grumpy but seem honest.

Thomas S.Yelp Review

Gruff service but fast and painless inspection.

Bryan R.Yelp Review

I stopped by without an appointment at 8am this morning b/c I got a flat two days ago and have been rocking the donut since. I requested 4 new tires and was given multiple options at different price points (love that) and told they would also give the car a once over since it was in there anyway.

They called a couple hours later and informed that my rear brakes were shot (not shocking to me) and everything else could wait for 5-7k more miles, which is like a year's worth of driving for me, woohoo!

I dealt with Gary in the morning, and then someone else on the phone, found them to be helpful and courteous. Car was done by 3pm.

Like others, I am not going to proclaim this to be the cheapest place ever (because, you know, I am such a mechanical pricing expert), but to get in and out in one day without an appointment is pretty fabulous in my book, especially in the city. Plus apparently I won't die now that I have some brakes, bonus! Will definitely go back.

Amy F.Yelp Review

These guys are the real deal! I took my 2007 Honda Accord EX-L here in for a tire swap, oil change, and an alignment - couldn't ask for better service! The location is convenient and the mechanics know their stuff down cold. I'll definitely be bringing my car here for any future service I might need.

Louis B.Yelp Review

These are my guys. First got snow tires from them, then at end of season had them taken off and had some other things done.
Today I have another issue with my older car and they'll definitely be getting my business.

Just good honest guys who know their stuff. Are they the cheapest? I doubt it, but I want people to get paid when they do good work. And besides, they pay Boston rent like the rest of us.

Not that they're pricey, I just want to be clear the stars are for reliability not to be misread by people looking for lowest price.

Paul B.Yelp Review

Drove in with a flat tire thinking for sure they will sell me a new one,nope repaired it and I was on my way in less tha 20 minutes and this was at 7:30 in the morning .just great

Gary G.Yelp Review

I needed a new set of tires for my Subaru. Since I live in the South End, I checked with Ell-Bern for prices and suggestions. Steve was very helpful with suggestions and his pricing was aggressive. Tires look great and the service was done quickly and professionally. I recommend them without reservation.

Mike L.Yelp Review

I have lost the paperwork, so I have to go easy on the details. Back in April, my Miata was running so bad, and I was so sad, and beginning to consider what life would be like without it. The engine light was always on, the car began to rattle severely when I got above 50 miles an hour, and it always felt like I was dragging a piano when I tried to accelerate at a green light. It cost me $700, but the car is running again like new, and has been running that way for four months now. They are not cheap, but they know what they are doing, and that is what matters.

George S.Yelp Review

I drove in and drove out of Ell-Bern within 10 minutes for my car inspection. I, like Jeffrey H. didn't realize I had an expired inspection and spent weeks trying to avoid additional tickets (I used snow instead of flyers but was unsuccessful). Ell-Bern was super easy, the people were decently friendly and they fixed my car up with a new sticker with very little effort.

Meghan M.Yelp Review

I hardly ever drive anymore - which was evident when I found a $40 ticket on my windshield because my inspection sticker had expired - woopsies.

I spent a week dodging the meter maids - hiding my car in the depths of the South End/Roxbury and covering my windshield with old flyers...A bit of advice - if you use Dominos coupon flyers, people will steal them. I recommend political and gym advertisements - nobody will touch those!

Ell-Bern is conveniently located and doesn't require an appointment to get your car inspected. The staff here is kind of cold/unfriendly but they get the job done quickly. I don't think I've ever been in and out of a service station so fast - which was awesome since it was Columbus Day and I had to get back to my drinkin' on the couch.

Also, this place is cash only so be ready with your $29. I, of course, wasn't ready so it took me a few minutes to gather the dollar bills scattered throughout my man purse after a day of drinking at Oktoberfest...hot mess anyone?

Jeffrey H.Yelp Review

5 Stars!

Rob Reale Jr.Facebook Review

Great service and top quality repair. I brought in my Porsche for work, they were able to get me in and out quick.

Rawad Bou MjahedFacebook Review

The best place in town for tires and service. The crew are awesome and friendly and get the job done quick and correct. Absolutely love this place

George AntounFacebook Review

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